Workshops and Games

Due to the stresses of Covid-19, and the uncertainties around what social distancing will look like in September, we are not able to hold a Festival this year. Once things settle down however, we plan to have some smaller events to get everyone together to just have a fun time. We hope you are staying safe, and staying tuned for whatever comes next!

Karnevil’s Panels and Games

Founded by Dr. J.R. Whitcomb in 2011, Karnevil have been featured in both Weird NJ magazine and The Star Ledger.

Join the Karnevil crew as they host presentations, panels, and an ongoing “Super Secret” game, with the final round occurring the last day of the festival.

Tales From Beyond the Black Spot (Panel 1)

Fish people, tentacled monstrosities, ghostly undead… all these creepy critters from the forgotten lore of sailors and nightmares of pirates will be laid bare for your educational pleasure as Karnevil brings you a dissection of the denizens of the deep.

Tales From Beyond the Black Spot (Panel 2)

There is evil beneath the waves. Cruel curses, phantom ships, and other terrifying superstitions plagued the minds of those that made their living on the seven seas. Join Karnevil as they shed light on the blackest depths of pirate lore. From a treasure that brings doom, to the history of the real black spot, you too may learn to fear the call of the sea.

Aether and Elder Signs: Horror in Steampunk (Panel 3)

The Steampunk genre is steeped in magic, mystery, and the macabre. However, it often seems to be outshone by airships, top hats, gleaming goggles, and crackling electricity. Join Dr. J.R. Whitcomb and Gypsy as they delve deep into the early days of victorian horror, to discuss it’s roots, and the frightening fruit it has produced over the years.
This panel will focus a lot on the works of Lovecraft, Howard, and some lesser known authors that influenced modern steampunk horror. Sit in to hear about the horrors of the sea and sleepy coastal towns.

“Supervillain Shark Tank”

Do *you* have what it takes to prove that *you* are the greatest villain ever to have reigned terror down on the world? The only way to find out is to enter your evil arse in the Supervillain Shark Tank! The winner of each of the three individual branches will be brought together in a super secret, winner takes all event to prove they are the supervillain supreme!

This event will have multiple rounds so look out for signups and

rules from Karnevil as we get close to the festival.

1 . “Supervillain Shark Tank: Evil Laughter Competition”
Any Villain worth their salt has a chilling, echoing, fearsome laugh that strikes terror into the heart of do-gooders everywhere. Come showcase yours in a showdown against your fellow villains!

2. “Supervillain Shark Tank: Deadliest Death-Ray/Dastardliest Device Fair”
You’ve been hard at work in your hidden stronghold, perfecting the one thing that will bring the world to its knees! Whether it be the product of mad science, forbidden sorcery, or eldritch evil, *your* doomsday device deserves to be put on display! In this clash of devilish designers, bring forth the object that will spell the end of all who oppose you.. And hopefully impress our judges hand picked from the League of Darkness itself.

3. “Supervillain Shark Tank: Most Maniacal Monologue”
At last! You finally have that meddlesome goody-two-shoes firmly in your clutches! It is only a matter of time before they meet their most timely and nasty end.. Meaning it is your time to shine! You’ve waited countless ages for the opportunity… to tell them your plan in full and gloat over their impending doom! But, will *your* monologue rise above all the others in this epic contest against other noteworthy villains?

SteamWreck Fashion Show

Join us for the SteamWreck Fashion Show during the Steampunk Festival! Show off your Ship-wrecked, pirate-esque, or land-loving, Steampunk attire. So we can have an idea of how many people will be joining us, please register beforehand. It’s free for young and old alike, and participation awards you a stamp redeemable for raffles. We will meet by the stage 15 minutes prior to the show to meet, greet, fill out runway cards, and position ourselves for the Greatest Fashion Show on Earth. If you are unsure about participating, you will still be able to register the day of.
Vendors: If you would like to include your fashions in the SteamWreck Fashion Show, please email me. We request you bring a model and have them ready to go. If you are unable to bring someone with you, please include that information in the email and we can attempt to make accommodations.

Rebecca Skrypeck
SteamWreck Fashion Show Captain

Singing Saw Serenade/Workshop

The saw is not just a tool for cutting, it is also known as ‘the poor person’s violin’ and has been played with bows and mallets for hundreds of years. Members of the band Dust Bowl Faeries will host a singing saw serenade followed by a demonstration of how to play the bowed saw.

(Singing saw photo is by JD urban)

Splendid Tea Pot Racing

Try your hand at a Splendid Tea Pot Race, involving customizing a remotely operated vehicle into a fabulous moving teapot. Navigate an obstacle course winning points for vehicle design, navigating course, bribing the judges, and showmanship. See the official rules here and start building your teapot racer to be ready for fun this festival event!
(official rules link: )

Absinthe Tasting Workshop

with S. B. MacDonald
Limited seating
$30.00 per person
Saturday | 7:00 – 8:30pm
Place: Room TBD, Hartness House Inn
not included in the Festival Price

S. B. MacDonald doesn’t just have a tasting!

This is a 90 minute workshop of history, mythology,
antique absinthe accoutrements, tastings.

This is an experience you do not want to miss!

Go to our ticket booth HERE to buy tickets!

S. B. MacDonald is the author of the book “Absinthe Antiques: A collection from La Belle Époque.” Traveling to distilleries and events in the USA, France and Switzerland, he has become a serious student of absinthe, its history, and its re-birth. He has been featured in NY Newsday, the New York Times, France’s newspaper L’est Républicain, and NY’s Edible Magazine.

Free Photo Booth

A free professional photo booth will be available for all to use on Saturday the 21st from Noon to 8pm. Photos will be available for download shortly after the festival.

Tea Dueling

Tiffin Mistress, Robyn Priebe, returns again to host tea dueling. Tea dueling is a fun competition involving dunking cookies into a cup of tea for 5 seconds, then attempting to hold said cookie for as long as possible before eating it. Cookies dunked in tea will only last so long before falling apart, so the contestant who is the last to take a clean bite of their cookie without it falling apart is the winner. Prizes will be awarded for winners, a children’s round will be held, and the Steampunk Society of Vermont puts their own spin on dueling by adding a “write a grievance” contest, with prizes awarded for the best reason for a duel (aka grievance). Join us for this funny and entertaining activity.






will be doing informal tours of the Turret Telescope at the Hartness House Inn, as well as talk about their local telescope club.

Animal Conservation Talk Featuring “Hazel”

, a taxidermied ram that wishes to tell people about the importance of saving the animals.