Zak Grace Glass

Zak Grace Glass offers designer glasswares for purchase. This is the freshest work from the furnace!

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Voltaire Design

Voltaire Design Studio draws inspiration from everywhere; Goth, Steampunk, Industrial, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Victorian, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau are just a few places to start. Everything is hand made, from jewelry to purses, electronic cases, hats, corsets (fabric and leather), clothing, bridal and custom orders.

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Merlandrew Personalized Jewelry

Featuring hand stamped metal jewelry ranging from necklaces to sculptures – you’ll be excited to find personalized items just for you.


AirShipDarkLords creations range from weapons, to jewelry, to masks and even clothes. Combining Steampunk into other forms of cosplay, and always looking to make something bigger and more intricate than the last piece.

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