Children’s Program

Participating in the Children’s Program gives you a completion stamp on

your treasure map. This can be redeemed at our raffle room for raffle tickets.

We’ll be holding arts and crafts throughout the festival with all the materials necessary, just show up! Specific crafts will be on your schedules so you know when to pop in – and our Emcee will remind you so you don’t miss anything fun!

Some crafts to look forward to: (Arts and crafts collage photo attached)

Activities will be ongoing so you can’t miss them!

Some activities:

* Put on Your Own Puppet Show *

* Temp Tattoo Parlor (Including finger puppet tattoos) *

* Walk the Plank Obstacle Course *

* Grow the Octo *

* Canon Ball! *

* Tentacle Ring Toss *

* Phone Photo Booth *

* Pin the Patch on the Pirate *

Some games give out fun prizes, so keep yer eye out!