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  "Tales of Victorian Spiritualism:
Tarot Cards and Conmen" (Victorian Mysticism)

From it's rise accredited to the Fox sisters,
to its inevitable decline thanks to Harry
Houdini's feud with infamous medium/
con artist Margery Crandon, the history
of Victorian spiritualism is rife with 
accounts of nefarious individuals
seeking to fool the public with stories
of the supernatural. Dr. J.R. Whitcomb
and Gypsy invite you to sit and listen as
they relate many a tale of those that made
a living or even national headlines using
only their wit and the public's ignorance.
"Freakshow" (Darker Side of the Sideshow)  
Sinister stories and hellish historical accounts
of freaks, fakirs, illusionists, snake oil salesmen
and all matters odd. Modern day practitioners
of the art of the circus sideshow Dr. J.R. and Gypsy of "Karnevil" will guide you through the crowded
tents of yesteryear, full of mummies, spinsters, six legged men and other circus freaks! Not for the
faint of heart or weak of stomach.
  "The Murder Castle of the World's Fair"
(The Man Who Murdered the Worlds Fair) 

Three miles west of the 1893 Chicago World's
Fair stood a building, known to locals as
"The Castle", and advertised as The
World's Fair Hotel. The man who owned,
as well as designed it, built it for one
purpose, to draw in women traveling
to the bustling city of Chicago for the
fair, and murder them all. Join professional
ladykiller Dr. J.R. Whitcomb in a dissection of Herman Mudgett a.k.a. Dr. H.H. Holmes, his
methods, his madness, and his Murder Castle.

Wunderkammern, commonly called
cabinets of curiosities were encyclopedic
collections of objects including natural
specimens (often faked), relics, works of
art, and antiquities. Though existing in
many forms in many eras, the Wunderkammern
as we know it today came into vogue among
the wealthy elite of the Victorian era as a
display of artifacts from their "adventures".
Join Dr. J.R. Whitcomb and Gypsy for
a discussion on the history of the
Wunderkammern, a display of a few pieces 
from their own cabinet, and tips on how to
begin your own Wunderkammern on a budget.
  "Superhuman: Stories of Houdini"

The name Harry Houdini is legendary,
as one of the great magicians, and as
the greatest escape artist to have ever
lived. The tales of his life sound more
like myth than history, yet many of
them truly happened. Houdini aficionado,
Dr. J.R. Whitcomb will take you on a
whirlwind tour of the life of Houdini,
from his humble beginnings as a
traveling magician, to his rise to fame,
to his battles with false mediums,
and lastly, his untimely demise.
These tales will be supplemented with demonstrations of some of the effects
that made Houdini's early career,
along with explanations of the
methods behind them.
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