"My second year at the Steampunk Festival was wonderful! I loved that the vendors and events were all in one place and the shuttle transportation was perfect. Of course the best part was all the creative and wonderful costumes that people came up with! If you love the unusual, the adventurous and the quirky, this is the event for you!"
~ Deb Roy 2016


Festival 2017 has ended!
See what all you missed below!

Saturday 10-8 | Sunday 10-4

If you are looking for the Vendor Information page, please click HERE.

Handmade Soaps, Salves, Sewn Accessories, Jewelry
Owner Kate Holly-Clark says,
"Since 1996 I have played with multiple
media for jewelry, mostly concentrating on
wire and beads -- beads of glass, beads of stone, beads of mother of pearl, beads of funky vintage plastic and clay and wood.
At the same time, I've been busy working
in various media and crafts,
with a Yankee emphasis on "practical",
which is how I got into soap. 

I've been vending at pagan events and
Renaissance faires in the New England
area for close to 20 years - now getting out and talking to my patrons is essential
for my creative process. 

You may see bits of my jewelry from
time to time, but the soap has become my
fun kitchen chemistry project ...
the fact that it lasts longer,
smells better, and doesn't chew
on my dry skin makes
it that much better!"

Visit my WEBSITE or
find me on FACEBOOK

Hand-made original jewelry, chatelaines, hand-made watch stands, pocket watches,
original steampunk art, t-shirts (original from our art), LED glow jewelry, Absinthe wares
(glasses, spoons, fountains) and original steampunk creations such as a
Victorian lamp with USB charger port and antique shade.

Husband and wife artists
Marcel R Dion and Alison Sheehan-Dion
live and work in New Hampshire.

Their main genre is Steampunk with
a generous helping of Victorian reenactment.
The business specializes in handmade jewelry, reproduction chatelaines and Victorian mourning jewelry, hand-crafted wood pieces and
Steampunk and Victorian art.

Find us on FACEBOOK
or visit our ETSY shop

Necklaces, Bracelets, Head Pieces, etc

Robyn Payson says,
"In a small New Hampshire town,
I make whimsical elegant jewelry for those
with an eye for the unique. 

My Delightfully Different designs are one of a kind with themes that are not found in conventional jewelry stores.

I did not know it, but I have loved
Steampunk before I knew there was
Steampunk!   I was born in the 60’s,
which made me a child of the 1970’s. 
I have always been in love with
20,000 Leagues under the Sea,
Sherlock Holmes, Edgar Allen Poe
and the Grimm’s Fairy Tales.   

In 2012, during a nasty bout of
unemployment, I started playing around
with jewelry making to relieve stress. 
The first jewelry I made was pretty
DREADFUL but then I discovered Steampunk,
which I embraced, and which kicked my
creativity in to high gear!  (HA)

I love making & selling the pieces
and I get the most joy meeting people
who“get” my work and find something
that really speaks to them."

Visit my WEBSITE or
find me on FACEBOOK



Custom Engraved Rings

Find us on FACEBOOK

or visit us at our Website

Done the old fashion way with stamps,
and surgical grade stainless steel bands.
We stamp out names, dates and even anything in letter/number format that
can herald back to the steampunk era.


Antiques & Vintage Goods, Maker Stuff, Parts, Gizmos

Visit us on FACEBOOK

We Specialize in the hard to find items
that make your living area unique. 

GEEKS BEARING GIFTS (tm), is a shop specializing in inspirational, thought provoking and humorous jewelry and artwork for geeks and those who love them. We take the wisdom of the past, combine it with eye-catching typography and illustration and present it on fine art quality materials that you will be proud to wear or hang in your home, office, lab or classroom.

Thomas Nackid, Proprietor
"Everything I sell is made by hand from high quality materials like metal, glass, and stone. All of the pieces are not only beautiful works of wearable art, but they are also inspired by science, nature, history and even a little bit of pop culture here and there."

Visit us on FACEBOOK
or at our ETSY shop.

Altered vintage Steampunk jewelry, Steampunk/Victorian jewelry & accessories;
vintage textiles, cosplay cloaks, possibly- Steampunk radios

Sue Piantaggini is no stranger to design. For over 20 years,
she designed, created and embellished custom period
costumes for a variety of venues.

She garnered experience designing for Halloween festivals,

dance companies and Renaissance fairs; establishing her reputation for attention
to fine details and an eye for beauty. Her knowledge of vintage jewelry & textiles
was gained from managing an antique store for ten years. It wasn't long before
that exquisite workmanship inspired her to create her own unique aesthetic and establish her shop.

Her one-of-a-kind Steampunk and New Age jewelry will transport you to new
eras, and her distinctive Cosplay cloak designs transform con and fair devotees
into timeless characters.

Her muse is the butterfly - the essence of change and new beginnings, ever
fluttering and soaring to new limits.

Embrace Sue's vision by browsing her collection, and dreaming up your next outfit.

Visit her Website or find her on FACEBOOK

Exclusive, Vintage-Inspired Jewelry, Accessories, Paintings & Gifts
Custom Orders Welcome

Throughout my life, I have been fascinated with Victorian culture
and history, the industrial revolution, science, science fiction, fantasy, magick, and the darkest edges of our universe.  Combining these interests allows me to create unique pieces with a wide-variety of materials.  The pieces I treasure the most are my Steampunk creations. 
Being able to create objects that once were, never were, or could be
is the ultimate outlet for my ever-musing mind.

My pieces typically include a combination of vintage materials,
repurposed materials, natural materials, and new materials. Often
I spend far more time collecting unique components than I spend

assembling an actual piece.  With a large assortment of materials at hand, I am free to create distinctive designs without limitations. Using vintage and repurposed materials is important to me because creativity should never come at a cost to
the environment.

My company, Heidi’s Haberdashery, was born from my need to express my interests through many different
forms of art.  In the same way that my interests are varied, my talents are varied and I do not like to limit myself
to one form of expression or another.  I enjoy the flexibility of being able to design unusual jewelry, accessories, paintings, personal products, and exclusive gifts for customers that are as eclectic as I am.

Hand Blended Herbal Teas, Mixes, & Accessories

Barbara learned at her grandma's knee,
the joys of a well brewed tea.
As she grew her passion incurred,
She developed her love for custom blended herbs.

At Tai Sophia she Mastered Herbal Medicine in time.
It's now called MUIH but that is hard to rhyme.
She pledges now to collect and to gather herbs most fine,
and blending and selling tea - that's where she shines.
Her herbs come from near and far, east and west,
Some say her wild harvests are the best! 

Delicious hot and yummy cold, try a sample at this fest.
Teas for strength, health and healing; digestion and sleep
bagged or loose, beverage or bath always just the right steep.
Now she travels far and wide from here to there,
Showing Herbal Turtle Teas at market, festivals and fairs.
So come see Lady Barbarella, and her Herbal Turtle Teas,
Taste her tempting samples - you'll say now that's the tea for me!

Find me on FACEBOOK

Costumes, Masks, Accessories, Props, 3D Printed Items

Find me on FACEBOOK

"I make props for fun, and sometimes people
want to buy them or commission new ones.

If you have an idea, I can try to make it!"


Caravan of Thieves

Karin Mallory Presents is producing
a concert at The Bellows Falls Opera
House on Saturday October 21 
featuring Caravan of Thieves.  

Tickets can be purchased at my
booth at the Festival.

Partial proceeds will be donated
to The Transportation Assistance
Program at The Norris Cotton
Cancer Center at Dartmouth-
Hitchcock providing gas cards
to help offset transportation costs
for Cancer Patients.  

Caravan of Thieves
a band comprised of husband and
wife Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni,
Ben Dean, and Brian Anderson

Click HERE to see what Steampunk Magazine had to say about the band
a few years back.
Click HERE for more information about the concert.

Unique Hair Accessories in Victorian, Vintage, Celtic, Steampunk

Hello Travelers!

Welcome to Party with Michele - Lilla Rose.
I am Michele and am the purveyor
of AMAZING haircessories.
I will have hair clips that will delight and amaze you!
You will find many different styles and designs including Steampunk, Compass Rose,
Skye (a gorgeous traveling machine)
as well as many other designs.
These haircessories will WOW you with
how well they will hold your hair in any style.

Step into my Boutique at the Hartness House to witness me exhibit how these amazing products work.

Visit my Website or
find me on FACEBOOK


I love this clothing so much.
I love how beautiful I feel
and that I'm comfortable.
I love that it makes me want
to dress up in it and
go out for a date night
or just to the grocery store
and feel fabulous.
I love that wherever I go
I get compliments.
I want to share this clothing with you
so you can feel the same way.
I love seeing women's faces when
they try it on and feel beautiful.
I love to see the joy on their faces.

Find me on FACEBOOK

Marie Gray Energy Healing
Offering Chair Reiki Sessions & Mini Integrated Energy Therapy Sessions

Find me on FACEBOOK
Marie Gray is a native Vermonter and
has lived in Springfield for most of her life.
She is a Reiki and Integrated
Energy Therapy Practitioner.  

Marie is passionate about empowering
people and facilitating their body’s
natural abilities to heal
emotionally and physically.

You bring your body.
I'll be the energetic channel and together
we'll effect great changes for you!

North Country Caricatures

Caricature Artist

From Joe Ferris' website:

"As a child my parents put the tools for creating
in front of me and away I went into
the world of imagination.

I've since dedicated my life to art. 
I love to draw, and I love the exploration.

When people ask about my favorite part of
making art, my answer is always the same,
when I put a pencil to paper and
don't know what's going to happen…
and then something happens!"

Visit my Website or
find me on FACEBOOK


Pepper Pots Ceramics
is owned by Carissa Veleri.

Carissa says she will be selling ceramic mugs,
coptic stitch books, casserole dishes, platters,
and loaf pans - to name a few.


Find me on FACEBOOK
I will be focusing on lip color
to complete the
Steampunk costume look,
but will also have other makeup products such as foundation,
eye shadow and mascara.

Women dressing in Steampunk fashion spend a lot of time
putting their looks together.  
The perfect makeup completes the outfit, especially a fun lip color that will not wear off during festivities!


Find us on FACEBOOK or
on our WEBSITE
Solar is a new innovation
that both can be a part of
a Steampunk gadget and
add that machinery vibe.

Handmade geeky decor, chainmaille and other jewelry,
herbal sundries (sachets and finished items as well as things
like pestles, bottles, boxes), custom costuming and jewelry/accessories

Visit my WEBSITE
or find me on FACEBOOK

My wares are appropriate across genres and time periods.

I do custom work for people who need a particular item
or accessory that would be just the right fit.

I sell my items in character as well, and additionally
I'll be letting people know about the Gaslamp Faire
in your sister Springfield to the south.

is your source for unusual handmade jewelry.

Offering jewelry ranging from
necklaces and earrings to belts
and headdresses, she will have
ample ideas to complete your costume.  

Her jewelry creations are heavily influenced
by Gothic Victorian, medieval, and
Steampunk styles, and she has pieces
that will fit nearly any occasion.
Whether you are going to the store
or attending a steampunk festival,
she has something for you!

Visit my Website or
find me on FACEBOOK
Visit my ETSY SHOP

Hats, Accessories, Jewelry, Clothing

Visit our Website or
find us on FACEBOOK

I draw inspiration from
everywhere; Goth, Steampunk, Industrial, Sci Fi, Fantasy,
Victorian, Art Deco, and
Art Nouveau are just
a few places to start.

I personally hand make
everything from jewelry
to purses, electronic cases,
hats, corsets (fabric and leather), clothing, bridal and custom orders.

Zak Grace Glass
Glass Blower

"Like Steampunk, my hand blown
and formed glassware is unique and individual.   Each piece is one of a kind
waiting for the hand that fits perfectly around it, or the particular beverage
it is meant to hold for just the right person who discovers it. 

My glasswork is outside of the status quo, defying normalcy and regularity. 
It is meant to be used by individuals who appreciate a custom feel.  

I have been researching and experimenting with the
combination of copper wire
and hand blown glass for many years.  These studies have yielded
the Energy Orb.  

This is a hand formed orb shaped
from hot glass with three concentric
coils of copper wire encased inside. 

Find me on FACEBOOK
When shaken, the Energy Orb produces a wiggle, a ring, a buzz that resonates with the beholder.  The more you shake it, the more energy you can get from this personal power generator! 

I know this piece of non-electric gadgetry will appeal to the Steampunk sensibility."


Steampunk Inspired Food and Drink

Bowls of Braggot - proudly featuring hot food bowls
with items such as Banger Pepper Bowl,
Shredded Swine Bowl, and Far Eastern Chicken Bowls.
Also serving non-alcoholic Braggot to wash it all down.

Find us on FACEBOOK


Wood-Fired Pizza by the slice!
Various toppings.
Vegetarian and Vegan
options available.

Check out our WEBSITE
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Visit our WEBSITE or
find us on INSTAGRAM

Vermont's ONLY independent nutrition store

Made to order Smoothies
using fresh fruits, peanut butter, chocolate.

All of our smoothies feature added protein and no added sugar.


Jamaiican chicken, rice, beans, slow cooked beef.



We will be serving sausage, peppers and onions on a roll with chips.
We will also be serving a vegetarian alternative sausage, and cold drinks.

Proceeds going to Springfield Police K-9 bulletproof vest.

Visit our WEBSITE or
like us on FACEBOOK
Farm to Table & Vegetarian Food

We formerly worked out of
Historic Deerfield, MA
and are now based in Erving, MA.  
Together we have 35 years
of combined experience in
the food industry working in
hotels, restaurants, private
schools and resorts . 
We are serve safe certified,
licensed and insured.

We use local products purchased from local businesses and
farmers markets and use only the freshest local ingredients possible. 
Historic Catering prides itself on
creating a unique menu
and we cater to many
allergies and food types. 

~ Thomas & Rebecca Easton ~

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