"We came, we loved it, and now we're moving there."
~ Scott MacDonald 2016

Ten In One SideShow | Bullwhip Stunt Show | Houdini's Escape Show

"Roll up, roll up!  Karnevil  has come to town!

Gaze in wonderment at our eclectic collection of entertainers as they astound, amuse, confound,
and confuse with a plethora of pulse pounding acts ranging from modern to medieval.
Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.
Founded by Dr. J.R. Whitcomb in 2011,
Karnevil have been featured in both Weird NJ magazine and The Star Ledger.  
Karnevil is considered to be New Jerseys premiere carnival sideshow experience
as well as being touted globally as "The world’s most dangerous sideshow"
Whether bringing you death defying escapes, astounding acts of skill, classic sideshow fare,
ridiculous games, or informative presentations on macabre Victorian subject matter,
the Karnevil’s crew delivers above and beyond mortal expectations!"

Ten In One SideShow!

Roll up; roll up, fiends and fans for the most
fantastical sideshow experience on the east coast!

In classic format, a marvelous mixture of
more than nine, and less than eleven acts of skill and
daring performed live by Karnevil’s self-made freaks.

You will meet the human blockhead, a person capable of
replicating a self-lobotomy and live to talk about it!
You will see thrilling escapes
from medieval manacles
and medical restraints!

You will experience firsthand
the effects of inhumane animal
traps on human flesh!

All this, and more in a single show!

See it once, see it twice,
every showing is unique and
guaranteed different from the last!

Bullwhip Stunt Show!
Professional whip artist, Dr. J.R. Whitcomb, 
demonstrates a variety of bullwhip tricks and targeting maneuvers.

A fan favorite, this show has been adapted 
to fit gaming conventions, renaissance fairs,
Steampunk festivals, and anywhere else there is a need for,
"Thrills and Excitement at 768 Miles Per Hour!"

Houdini’s Escape Show!
Harry Houdini is the single greatest
escapologist the world has ever known.

As a student of the Houdini method,
Dr. J.R. presents this show in his honor.

He will recreate many of
Houdini's classic escapes
supplemented with lore of
both the development
of the acts, and the man himself.

You won’t want to miss out
on this tribute to the greatest
escape artist of all time!

The Granite State Saber Academy (GSSA) is a New Hampshire-based school that combines traditional exercise, martial arts, and theatrical combat to create a unique form of fitness. Pioneered in 2016 by martial arts and stage combat instructor JD Lauriat; the classes focus on providing a new and interesting outlook on body strength and fitness while the students train in various fighting styles using a multitude of weapon types, all within the safe structure of theatrical combat. Along with physical health, the GSSA promotes strong mental health as it provides points of focus while learning new techniques and forms, all while working with welcoming, like-minded students, forming bonds over their new art.
The GSSA is excited to be a part of the Springfield Steampunk Festival. Throughout the day, we will have
a variety of free classes for you to attend.

GSSA Kids Combat: A 30-45 minute interactive combat show for children 3 to 11.

GSSA Introduction to Stage Combat with Sword: Learn the basics of theatrical combat in a large group setting. Ages 12 & up (Under 18 must have a parent sign in with them)

GSSA Introduction to Stage Combat with Staff: Is sword not your style? Try your hand at the two handed styles of the Bo staff. Ages 12 & up (Under 18 must have a parent sign in with them)

GSSA Stage Combat Discussion Panel: A good fight on stage or film is 50 percent combat and 50 percent acting.
Come to our interactive discussion panel to learn more about the acting side of combat, and get tips on writing your own choreography.
Springfield Vermont Steampunk Festival


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