"We came, we loved it, and now we're moving there."
~ Scott MacDonald 2016
Festival 2017 has ended!
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Headliner Performers
Saturday Night

(Included in the ticket price!)
Pioneers in the use of cello as the sole instrument within a rock
band, Rasputina has been inspiring young string players to commit
a number of musical sins since 1996. The group's concept was
written as a manifesto, and manifested accordingly by directress Melora Creager as a wily subterfuge for a plot to open audiences
to adventure. The funny, the sad, the heavy, the tender-- it can all
exist together. Employing elaborate costuming spanning a number
of historical periods, Rasputina brings marginalized historical
female figures and stories to light in the pop form, using archetypal characters such as Indian princesses, Hawaiian handmaidens and Medieval queens. Melora last performed in Europe with Nirvana, on their final tour in 1994. Over the years, Rasputina has performed/ recorded with Marilyn Manson, Porno For Pyros, Cheap Trick,
Goo Goo Dolls and many others. Hardened road-dogs, and with more than 7 albums under their belt, Rasputina continues to
amaze and amuse. Please click HERE to learn more about Rasputina's new album and about the performers, individually. Please find them on FACEBOOK and on their WEBSITE.


We are pleased to announce the emcee for our
3rd Annual Springfield VT Steampunk Festival
is none other than Professor Adam Smasher,
one half of the dynamic Steampunk duo,
The Eternal Frontier!!!
Come join this charismatic gentleman as
he GEARates, commentates, beguiles
and amazes, making sure you are on top
of all of this year's AMAZING offerings!
Don't miss out on your chance to meet him, 
 & Sundayat Hartness House Inn!


Did you hear that? Whether it's that  voice that sneaks in on your current frequency, or that distant whistle in your subconscious,
you're sure to find a melody to stir a memory or an emotion when Aaron Weinstein feeds musical parts into his Ghost Machine.

Join him in a journey through the musicsphere
at Springfield Steampunk 2017!


Gomez, one half of the electric due Venus Lens Cap,
performS as a solo musician that utilizes computer
controlled effects and background tracks to
perform memorable songs from the radio.

The Long Losts are a romantic dark rock duo from NYC made
up of vocalist Anka and her husband Patrick on guitar that began
in 2012. Their music combines goth and punk rock with lyrics
inspired by their love for each other and the things that they love; Autumn, Halloween, nature, romance, ghosts and their memories
all wrapped in a dark Victorian aesthetic. 

Find them on their WEBSITE
Find them on TWITTER
Find them on FACEBOOK.

Ten In One SideShow | Bullwhip Stunt Show | Houdini's Escape Show | Karnevil After Dark

Roll up, roll up!  Karnevil  has come to town!
Gaze in wonderment at our eclectic collection of entertainers as they astound, amuse, confound,
and confuse with a plethora of pulse pounding acts ranging from modern to medieval.
Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.
Founded by Dr. J.R. Whitcomb in 2011,
Karnevil have been featured in both Weird NJ magazine and The Star Ledger.  
Karnevil is considered to be New Jerseys premiere carnival sideshow experience
as well as being touted globally as "The world’s most dangerous sideshow".
Whether bringing you death defying escapes, astounding acts of skill, classic sideshow fare,
ridiculous games, or informative presentations on macabre Victorian subject matter,
the Karnevil’s crew delivers above and beyond mortal expectations!"

Ten In One SideShow!

Roll up; roll up, fiends and fans for the most
fantastical sideshow experience on the east coast!

In classic format, a marvelous mixture of
more than nine, and less than eleven acts of skill and
daring performed live by Karnevil’s self-made freaks.

You will meet the human blockhead, a person capable of
replicating a self-lobotomy and live to talk about it!
You will see thrilling escapes
from medieval manacles
and medical restraints!

You will experience firsthand
the effects of inhumane animal
traps on human flesh!

All this, and more in a single show!

See it once, see it twice,
every showing is unique and
guaranteed different from the last!

Bullwhip Stunt Show!
Professional whip artist, Dr. J.R. Whitcomb, 
demonstrates a variety of bullwhip tricks and targeting maneuvers.

A fan favorite, this show has been adapted 
to fit gaming conventions, renaissance fairs,
Steampunk festivals, and anywhere else there is a need for,
"Thrills and Excitement at 768 Miles Per Hour!"

Houdini’s Escape Show!
Harry Houdini is the single greatest
escapologist the world has ever known.

As a student of the Houdini method,
Dr. J.R. presents this show in his honor.

He will recreate many of
Houdini's classic escapes
supplemented with lore of
both the development
of the acts, and the man himself.

You won’t want to miss out
on this tribute to the greatest
escape artist of all time!

Karnevil After Dark

 "Fire, hot metal, bottled lightning...

Some things are just better when viewed
in the black of night.

Roll up, roll up, and experience
what the sideshow does when the sun goes down."

The New England Center for Circus Arts brings fun and flamboyance to the proceedings with a mix of stilt walking, juggling, acrobatics and mayhem! The Brattleboro, Vermont school offers lessons for all ages and all abilities and attracting students from around the world to attend its recreational and professional training programs. Students from the youth troupe and professional programs will amaze and entertain with a variety of circus fun.  Click HERE to visit their website. For the 2017 Steampunk Festival they will be providing a variety of circus characters to mix and interact with the guests. This may include juggling, acrobatics, contortion, stilt walking, partner acrobatics, clowns, unicycle, etc.

Skye Whirlwind has a long history of dance, from hip hop, jazz, swing, salsa to even belly dance. However she never had great luck in finding partners. So, she decided to simply pick up one for herself in the form of circus toys. Hula hoops and leviwands are always available to dance with! Currently located in Waltham, MA, promises to delight and amaze with her repertoire of circus tricks! You may see her gallivanting around on her stilts, mystifying with her levistick, or charming with her hula hoops. However, Skye loves to share. Come seek her out with her plethora of hula hoops to have some circus fun yourself!

Sprokettes' Sideshow Spectacular! | An Adventure Of Your Own Choosing | Medicine Show
Sideshow Spectacular!

Direct on loan from
Dr Nightshade's Asylum for
girls, the Sprockette Sisters put
on the best little sideshow
shock therapy has to offer.

Their wonton disregard for normalcy will leave you
with no doubt as to
the state of their sanity.

Come along on an adventure through the eyes of madness!

An Adventure Of Your Own Choosing

There is a house upon the hill. It's occupant is absent.

What do you do?

The choices you, the audience makes, will determine the story.

As you help it unfold, actors bring the story to life with realtime improv.

Join The Boston Sprockettes in an adventure of your own choosing.
Medicine Show

Step right up, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Come and see for yourself the miracle of Dr Nightshade's latest creation!

Revel in the modern discoveries of science and medicine!

Be awed by stories of the strange and mysterious!

The Boston Sprockettes' Traveling Medicine show brings you all this
and more, with song and humor to lift your spirits!

Come one, come all!
Please find The Boston Sprokettes on FACEBOOK, at their WEBSITE, or on YOUTUBE

The King's Busketeers are a high-
octane folk & traditional band that
began in the shady forest of King Richard's Faire in Carver, MA
sometime in Fall of 2012.

Sam and Andy met there and began
playing together and amusing the patrons, and the following year Josh
was inducted.

The trio roamed the groves and shop-fronts for a time, and grew to some popularity.
At one point, they were invited to perform as the band at Becka's wedding. After the ceremony, she promptly grabbed her drum and hopped up to jam with the rest!

Since then, TKB have been rousing and entertaining the kindly citizens of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut with hearty, soulful, traditional tunes alongside wistful ballads, whimsical ditties about double homicides, and a sprinkling of rollicking originals.

Always energetic and full of equal parts talent and sparking chemistry, there's never a dull moment when the Busketeers are out in force.

Please find The King's Busketeers at their WEBSITE, FACEBOOK , SOUNDCLOUD, REVERBNATION, YOUTUBE, & coming soon, their BAND CAMP site.

Venus Lens Cap is the musical duet of Gomez Richardson and
Stacey Mendyka, whose
 signature sound blends melodies of the
classics with the beats and sounds of synthetic music.
The Connecticut-based pair came together in 2014, inspired by
author D. R. Clarke's story,"Spies of the Silk Trade". They made a complete album based on the chapters of the book, using music

and singing to tell the tale of a young commercial spy and her adventures on
the legendary Silk Road
. They've been performing at Steampunk Events throughout New England for the last
3 years and continue to wow audiences with their great style and computer-controlled synthesized rig. Their 2nd
novel and CD combination about a radium- powered clockwork ballerina named"Dela Luna" was completed and
released in September 2016. They're currently working on their latest
project, "Pacifica", about a lost under-

water civilization.

You can find Venus Lens Cap on BANDCAMP | YOUTUBE | FACEBOOK

and on their WEBSITE

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