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   (See The VAULT's pre-festival September activities HERE)

Granite State Saber Academy (GSSA)

The Granite state Saber Academy (GSSA) is a New Hampshire based school that combines traditional exercise, martial arts, and theatrical combat to create a unique form of fitness. Pioneered in 2016 by martial arts and stage combat instructor JD Lauriat; the classes focus on providing a new and interesting outlook on body strength and fitness while the students train in various fighting styles using a multitude of weapon types, all within the safe structure of theatrical combat. Along with physical health, the GSSA promotes strong mental health as it provides points of focus while learning new techniques and forms, all while workign with welcoming like-minded students, forming bonds over their new art. The GSSA is exicted to be a part of the Springfield Steampunk Festival.

Each day we will host two adult classes where you will learn the basics of theatrical combat in a large group setting using light saber type props which will be available to borrow. Ages 12 & up (Under 18 must have a parent sign in with them)

For the smaller ones (12 & under, accompanied by an adult), we will be available all day at our booth for mini lessons!

The Citizens of Antiford

The Citizens of Antiford is a steampunk community fostering creativity through a shared fictional world. The community expresses itself via cosplay, prop making, video, and especially via collaborative fiction as the library of over 100 stories will attest. Their website is a social media and story writing platform for members to create and visitors to enjoy and, if interested, join the community. https://citizensofantiford.com

This year, the Citizens will bring us four fantastic workshops!
Steampunk 101
Introduction to steampunk media and community. How to get started.
Gizmos and Gadgets
Steampunk Gadgets caught your eye? Join the Citizens of Antiford for discussion on how to make props and gadgets!
DIY Science
Join Phinneus Cromwell of the Citizens of Antiford for a hands on exploration into some of the 19th century science that changed the world.
Building Fictional Worlds
An overview of the challenges and joys of creating a fictional world from scratch. World building activity finishes this talk.

Children's Program

This year, in keeping with the Steampunk Circus Spectacular theme of the festival, the children's program will also have a circus theme. Multiple activities are planned for children of all ages including art and craft projects, traditional carnival games, and non-competitive activities for the younger crowd.

Steampunk Art Show

A variety of local artists' steampunk works will be displayed both Saturday and Sunday.  Of particular interest, steampunk festival posters, designed by last year's 5th grade art class will be on display.  Coordinated by art teacher Lisa Robarts, 5th graders participated in a contest to design the piece to promote the festival's children's program.  See all entries in the contest, including the first and second place winners Zada Grant and Arianis Dorcley.  

Tea Dueling

Tiffin Mistress, Robyn Priebe, and Pot Mistress, Marti Sterin, return again to host tea dueling. Tea dueling is a fun competition involving dunking cookies into a cup of tea for 5 seconds, then attempting to hold said cookie for as long as possible before eating it. Cookies dunked in tea will only last so long before falling apart, so the contestant who is the last to take a clean bite of their cookie without it falling apart is the winner. Prizes will be awarded for winners, a children's round will be held, and the Steampunk Society of Vermont puts their own spin on dueling by adding a "write a grievance" contest, with prizes awarded for the best reason for a duel (aka grievance). Join us for this funny and entertaining activity.

Free Photo Booth

A free professional photo booth will be available for all to use on Saturday the 23rd. Photos will be available for download shortly after the festival.  

Calliope SteamFashion Show

Join us for the Calliope SteamFashion Show during the Steampunk Festival!  Show off your Circus Steam attire to one and all.  So we can have an idea of how many people will be joining us, please register beforehand.  It’s free for young and old alike.  We will meet by the stage 15 min prior to the show to meet, greet, fill out runway cards, and position ourselves for the Greatest Fashion Show on Earth.  If you are unsure about participating, you will still be able to register the day of.

Vendors:  If you would like to include your fashions in the Calliope SteamFashion Show, please email me.  We request you bring a model and have them ready to go.  If you are unable to bring someone with you, please include that information in the email and we can attempt to make accommodations.

Rebecca Skrypeck
Calliope SteamFashion Show Ringmaster Extraordinaire

Splendid Tea Pot Racing

Try your hand at a Splendid Tea Pot Race, involving customizing a remotely operated vehicle into a fabulous moving teapot.  Navigate an obstacle course winning points for vehicle design, navigating course, bribing the judges, and showmanship.  See the official rules here and start building your teapot racer to be ready for fun this festival event!

Madame LeDuke's Psychic Parlour

Psychic Medium Dina LeDuke is highly skilled with both Tarot Cards and Spirit Energies, and offers her services to those who may be looking for answers not easily found in this world. Dina originally hails from Salem, MA (“The Witch City”) and has been a student of mysticism and the occult since childhood. She was ordained as a Priestess of the Old Craft in Salem in 2011, and has since been offering spiritual guidance to those who seek it. She is naturally intuitive, coming from a long line of folk magic and psychic practitioners, knowing early on that she had inherited special gifts. Dina is offering complementary Tarot readings to our guests at the Steampunk Festival this year, though gratuities will be gratefully accepted. Please visit her WEBSITE.
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